Can You Play Quarter Notes With A Swing Feel? 

Although this might seem counterintuitive, there is a difference between swinging quarter notes and straight quarter notes. Generally speaking there is not much to playing a walking bassline, right? You learn your chord tones and then play them in a quarter note rhythm, connecting each chord to the next with diatonic or chromatic approaches. The funny thing is, even if that sounds like a lot to wrap your head around, it's not the essence of a good walking bassline. With a walking bass it's all about the feel. If you don't have a great swing feel, all these notes, substitutions, etc. won't sound right. 

The question is: How do we internalize swing feel even if we are only playing quarter notes?

The Secret Sauce

That's exactly what I'm going to show you in "Do Your Quarter Notes Swing?". I show you two exercises with your metronome that will get you playing swinging walking basslines without relying on a drummer to be your swing machine.

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In this video you'll learn:
- The rudimentary drum rhythm of jazz and why it swings.
- A metronome exercise to get that drive going that the greats like Charles Mingus, Ray Brown, etc. have.
- Another metronome exercise to feel the swing even when you stick to quarter notes.

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Middle song: In Memory Of
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