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I can guide and direct you from the finishing touches in songwriting to studio preparation as well as helping you to set up a solid foundation for your successful career in the modern music industry.


You have poured your heart out to create music that is supposed to make people feel what you feel. I can record your music in an  atmosphere that will capture the emotion that you want to convey with your songs.


Send me your tracks and I will turn them into a professional sounding and polished recording that will emphasize the character of your music and excite your audience.





Starting out as a session musician, I added the skillset of audio engineering early on. Recording demos for my own bands at first. In 2013 I decided to go professional and build the MM Studio to offer my services to artists and bands that are looking for an audio engineer that knows how musicians think and what they need to perform at their best. Since then I have recorded and mixed music from a big variety of genres, ranging from acoustic, soul and blues to reggae and metal.


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