How to play arpeggios efficiently over three octaves?

Arpeggios are great vocabulary to have for extreme metal and jazz. Not that they're not of use in other genres, but these two use them to quite an extent. If you don't own a five or six string bass, you might have run into the problem of how to play arpeggios over 2-3 octaves. If you own a five or six string you might have run into the problem that arpeggios runs often sound very imbalanced. The low notes are to loud and punchy, the high notes are to quiet and thin.

The Secret Sauce

The key to playing well balanced arpeggio runs is in the shifting. Once you know when to shift almost everything else falls into place.

In "The 3 Octave Arpeggio Hack" I'm going to show you the most efficient shapes to move up and down the neck quickly and I'll show you where to shift from one position to the next. You'll also learn about the 3 inversions of the major arpeggio and how to create 24 different variations from every single one of them.

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In this video you'll learn:
- The most compact shape of the major arpeggio.
- How to come up with up to 24 variations of playing this shape.
- The shapes for the three inversions of the major arpeggio.

Music used in this video:
Reborn Again
Funked Up
Sweet Home

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