The Augmented Triad Struggle

The first time that I heard of the augmented triad was when I studied jazz in Arnhem (NL). But I lost interest pretty quickly, because I just couldn't seem to make it work. It always sounded like I was playing random notes.

The Secret Sauce

The key for unlocking the augmented triad was a side effect of checking out chromatic approaches. Once I understood the concept of voice leading, I had no problem making the augmented triad sound deliberate and melodic.

Voice leading is the ultimate augmented triad hack. In this context it means connecting one chord with another by dissolving the last note of the current chord into a (primary) chord tone of the next chord. Doing so will outline the chord changes and give your solo harmonic movement, even if you're playing all by yourself.

All of a sudden all the dissonant tones of alterations like augmented fifths will have a direction and your solo will be full of tension and release. One of the surest ways to get your audience hooked ?

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