How To Hack The Binary Code Of Music?

Do you ever catch yourself playing the same old licks and patterns again and again? Does sheet music containing 16th note patterns look scary to you?

Well, it doesn't have to be this way!

The Secret Sauce

In “The Binary Code Of Music” I’m going to introduce the 16th Patterns Roadmap and show you how to learn any 16th pattern that you will ever come across. I also show you how to make each single building block a part of your playing and use them in conjunction to create more complex rhythms.

Once you see, that there are only so many patterns that you have to learn, the task is quite manageable. In this tutorial I not only give you the "16th patterns Roadmap", but I also show you how to ensure that you can play each pattern with equal precision. 

By the end of the video I'll also show you how the "16th Patterns Roadmap" helps you to construct and practice cross-rhythms like 5 against 4 or 3 against 4.

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In this video you'll learn:
- The 16ths Pattern Roadmap
- How to ensure you can play all patterns equally well.
- How to use the 16ths pattern map to build practice 5 against 4 and 3 against 4 cross-rhythms.

Find the music from this video on Spotify:
- Reborn Again
- Aging Spirit
- Mbube

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