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Have you ever been in the situation that you got handed a lead sheet and were expected to just make up a bass part? All you have are the chord symbols. Of course, you can always get away with Chuck Rainey's method of just playing root and fifth. This way you avoid playing minor thirds where there should be major thirds and so on. 

But wouldn't it be cool to jam a bassline that does not only serve the song, but instead enhances it by reinforcing the harmonic movements? How would you feel, if you could do all of that in just one position (5 frets)?

The Secret Sauce

The truth is, it's easier than you might think. In "The Triad Hack Series" I show you three shapes for each triad, so you can play it wherever on the fretboard you put your hand.

It will help you to integrate fills into your playing more fluent, open your eyes to harmonic movements and voice leading, free you from the typical bass player habit of having to find/play the root note first, help you to smoothly connect chords and a whole lot more. If you put some time and focus into this subject, your playing will take a big leap forwards.

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In this video series you'll learn:


- The Minor Triad
- The Major Triad
- The Diminished Triad
- The Augmented Triad

the major triad

the diminished triad

How augmented triad

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