The Bass Fill Struggle

Have you ever been practicing bass fills, only to realize that what you practiced might have worked on that one song, but surely doesn't on the next one? Or maybe you've been shedding away on this cool basslick you saw on Youtube. But when you wanted to use it on stage, it just didn't sound right and killed the vibe of the song ?

The Secret Sauce

I'm not a big fan of learning licks and patterns. They are useful when you need inspiration or work on your technique. But music is, for the most part, too organic to just through in licks left and right without ruining the song. In other words, if we want to play in the vibe of the song, we need to be able to react to what and how everyone around us is playing. It's like a conversation. It gets boring if every word is scripted, but if you keep jumping from one topic to the next without any reason, it becomes really hard to follow you. So the secret is knowing the limits of your freedom and acting within them. Or consciously ignoring them. But that's just for special occasions ?

In "Bass Fill Hacks #1" I show you three approaches that will work in almost any musical context. The key is working with what is already there. Using the vocabulary of the song to come up with new ideas. 

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In this video you'll learn:

- Pentatonic fills recipe
- Rhythmical displacement of the original bassline
- Permutations of motives from the original bassline

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Reborn Again

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