The Bass Solo Struggle

We all know the jokes about how everyone starts talking or goes to the bar, when the bassist takes a solo. And sadly, for the most part these accusations are justified. The bass is not an easy instrument to play solos. On one hand its low register makes it hard to play melodies that sit on top of the harmonies.

Did you know that our ear understands rhythm better when played by lower pitched instruments and notes/pitches (aka melodies and chords) are easier identified when played in a higher register?

That's why a lot of bass solos just sound like low end rumble without any note definition. To some degree this might be discouraging. The truth is, it's actually an advantage. Because, it means that my Top 10 Bass Solo Hacks will make it easy for you to stand out as a bassist that knows how to play a capturing solo that makes the audience go wild.

The Secret Sauce

In "THE TOP 10 BASS SOLO HACKS" I give you ten different approaches to playing bass solos that won't start the first rows in your audience to chat, but instead have them drop their jaws and listen in awe. Take your time to master them one by one. Implementing one of these hacks at a proficient level can already change your solo from boring to exciting. Using them all together will make your guitarist jealous 😛

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In this video you'll learn:
- What you need to think about ahead of time to ensure that the conditions to playing a great solo are given.
- How to draw your audience back in, in case you lost them along the way.
- How to give few notes a lot of meaning.

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