The Problem With Metronomes

We’ve all heard it a million times before “If you want to have good timing, you have to practice with a metronome.” A couple of times I did hear the opposite, and it made sense in the context. But generally playing along with the click is supposed to make us play more steady and precise. No slowing down or speeding up, every 16th note right in the pocket.

But what if I tell you that practicing with the metronome can have the opposite effect. Sounds funny, but is true unless you know how to use it for strengthening your inner clock.

The Secret Sauce

In “Metronome Hacks” I show you three different exercises to train yourself not to have to rely on a drummer. The thing is, most people put the metronome on a quarter note pulse, set the tempo and start playing on top of the click. To be honest, it’S how I did it through most of my bass playing years. I could tell whenever I was speeding up or slowing down and I had a rough idea of how precise I executed every single note.

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I practiced like this for years. And my timing got a little bit better. But it was a slow and boring process. The methods I show you in “Metronome Hacks” are the ones that got me lightning fast results and motivated me to dig deeper and deeper. 

There are two main concepts that we can use playing with a click:

  1. Setting the metronome to the smallest possible subdivision (total control)

This will ensure that we get feedback on how precise we execute every single note.

  1. Using as few clicks as possible (inner clock)

This method will strengthen your inner time by giving you the responsibility to keep the tempo in between the clicks.

In this video you'll learn:

1. The difference between inner time and total 

2. The gap click challenge

3. Victor Wooten's "Rhythmic displacement of the click" method

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