Ever feel stuck with your playing?

Did you ever have that feeling where you know something isn't quite right with what you are playing, but you can't seem to pin point the problem?

Or do you ever run out of ideas of what to play when improvising a solo?

Or did you ever compose a song and somehow it sounded like something was still missing?

The Secret Sauce

In "The Infinite Inspiration Hack" I share with you Victor Wooten's concept of the 10 elements of music. It's his way of breaking down music into small manageable chunks, so you can work on each of them one by one. A side effect is, that you will never run out of ideas. It's almost like a cheat sheet for playing music that satisfies you and the audience.
For the first few years I always carried a list with the 10 elements around with me. whenever I felt stuck, I knew I only had to go through the list once and the answer would be obvious. 

In fact, this concept helped me so much that all of my lessons are based around it. I teach students of all ages from 3 - 70 and up. I coach music teachers around the world (USA, Canada, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, etc.). Using the 10 elements as a guide has made this job a piece of cake. If you play music, you got to check this concept out. If you teach music, you will love this video.

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In this video you'll learn:

- Them 10 elements of music
- How to practice them
- How to use them as your secret music cheat sheet

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Btw, if you enjoyed this video I highly recommend getting your own copy of Victor Wooten's book: "The Music Lesson" (This is not an affiliate link! I'm just 100% convinced that this book will make you a better musician. Plus, it's a very easy read. So don't worry, if you're not a reader ?)

Here is the direct link to Victor's shop: http://www.themusiclesson.com

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