Pimp Your Bassline

Have you ever been asked to come up with a bassline on the spot? And do you have a hard time coming up with different basslines over the same drum beat? Most likely the problem is too much focus on the notes. Although, we should be fine playing nothing but the root note, we often think of notes first when it comes to parameters of a bassline. 

The Secret Sauce

The truth is, the notes are really just a tenth of our arsenal. We have nine other parameters at our disposal to create a fitting bassline to any drum groove or complete song. The notes should be the last thing we think about. The root note always works. I'm sure you know the saying "Don't change the winning team". 

In my "Pimp Your Bassline" tutorial I challenge you to come up with a bassline focusing on everything else besides the notes you play. You will learn about the nine under appreciated elements of music and how to use them consciously. So you can come up with capturing basslines for days without ever playing more than one note.

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In this video you'll learn:

- The nine under appreciated elements of music
- How to use them to find fitting basslines to any type of groove
- When it's time to expanding on your choices of notes

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